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Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Pretty Quadroon
Subject: Lyr Add: MY PRETTY QUADROON (Dodge, 1863)
Lyr. Add: My Pretty Quadroon
Words and Melody, Mrs. Mary Dodge
Arr. T. Martin Towne.

O who was so happy as I,
When those lips like the blossoming pea,
And the light of that violet eye
Ne'er shone on a darkee but me.
That form was most 'ceedingly fair,
Those cheeks like the wild rose of June;
And a wavelet of dark glossy hair
Were the curls of my pretty Quadroon.

Oh! my pretty Quadroon,
My flower that faded so soon,
Dis heart like de strings of my Banjo,
Am broke for my pretty Quadroon.

I knew not that I was a slave,
So kind was young Massa to me;
So gentle manly and brave,
I had not a wish to be free.
Young massa had garden and bower,
Where the posies were always in bloom;
But he grudge me one little wild flower-
My Cola, my pretty Quadroon.
And 'cause I with grief tore my hair,
This hand, that was as white as his own;
He shackled and sold me afar,
To die in the rice swamps alone.
I heed not the lash or the smart,
Of the beams of the hot sudden noon;
There's nothing I feel but did heart,
Dat breaks for my pretty Quadroon
Farewell to the beautiful shades,
Farewell to dem little cool rills;
Where Cola and I so oft strayed,
Farewell to old Kentuck's green hills.
My sorrows will soon be forgot,
And dis heart will find rest in the tomb;
But my spirit shall fly to dat spot,
And watch o'er my pretty Quadroon.
Our plunge in the dark muddy stream,
One struggle and all will be o'er;
And life flit away like a dream,
With the voice of the driver no more.
Hark! hark! on the cool northern breeze,
Comes the sound of the bugle and drum;
Oh Lord! can it be the glad day,
The day of deliverance come?

Chorus after each verse.
Arranged by T. Martin Towne of the Continental Vocalists.
Chicago, Published by H. M. Higgins, 117 Randolph St.
Ent'd according to Act of Congress 1863 by H. M. Higgins in the Clerk's Office of the Dis't Court of the North'n Dist. of Ill. 5 pages.