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Posted By: Artful Codger
17-Jul-10 - 12:05 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Pretty Quadroon
Subject: Tune Add: My Pretty Quadroon (Mary Dodge)
Q sent me scans of the 1863 Mary Dodge sheet music for "Pretty Quadroon", from which I've prepared an ABC and a couple MIDIs. In my melody-only MIDI, I suppressed the fermatas, but if you generate a MIDI or score from the ABC below, the fermatas should be expressed properly. You'll also hear them in the full MIDI.

T:My Pretty Quadroon
C:Words and melody by Mrs. Mary Dodge
S:Sheet music published by H.M. Higgins, Chicago, registered 1863.
Z:Artful Codger
%%MIDI program 1 42   % cello
D | B> A G A> G F | G3-G2 F/ E/ | D> D D D c B | A3-A2 G/ A/ |
w: O who was so hap-py as I,_ When those lips like the blos-som-ing pea,_ And the
B> A G A> G F | G3-G2 E | D D D D HB A | G3-HG2 B |
w: light of that vi-o-let eye_ Ne'er shone on a dar-kee but me._ That
B> B B B c d | e3-e2 e | d> c B B A B | c3-c2 c/ c/ |
w: form was most 'ceed-ing-ly fair,_ Those cheeks like the wild rose of June;_ And a
B> A G A G F | G3-G2 E/ E/ | D> D D D HB A | G3-G2 z ||
w: wave-let of dark gloss-y hair_ Were the curls of my pret-ty Quad-roon._
%   Chorus - melody in the tenor line
|: "^Chorus. ad lib:" e2 e ^d B d | e3-e2 e | =d> c B B A G | A3-A2 c |
w: Oh! my pret-ty Quad-roon,_ My flow-er that fad-ed so soon,_ Dis
B> A G A G F | G E2-E2 E | D> D D D HB A | G3-G2 z :|
w: heart like de strings of my Ban-jo,_ Am broke for my pret-ty Quad-roon._

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