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Posted By: Amos
17-Jul-10 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Mom!! Mom!! Guess WHAT???

Gramma sent us an Airport Express she wasn't using anymore, and after enough wrassling I managed to crack the password she forgot and reset and reconfigure it. So now, it has replaced the wee laptop in the living room that drives the stereo system. Now, the Airport Express, added to our local network, picks up my iTunes wirelessly and plays them through the stereo system, at the same time as it is playing them through my own computer speakers. The whole house is listening to Al Grierson. BBW can take over the Airport link and drive it from HER iTunes too. Not only that but because we have configured our iTunes to share each others' libraries I can drive the stereo from my computer to play songs from her library, and she can likewise play songs from my library through the stereo system OR through her computer speakers or both.

What a day!