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Posted By: GUEST,Neil D
19-Jul-10 - 09:21 AM
Thread Name: Worst performance I've ever seen.
Subject: RE: Worst performance I've ever seen.
I saw Leon Russel once in a club and he was accompanying himself with a Midi program, in thrall to it I should say. It sucked any semblance of spontaneity out of the show. Sometimes the program started the next song before the applause for the previous song had faded. More often the applause had ended and there was 20-30 seconds of uncomfortable silence while waiting for the next song to start. There was no patter, no interaction with the crowd, like watching a white-bearded automaton. I can understand wanting to economize by not bringing a full band on the road, but a performer like him could do just as well with a piano and a couple mics and no other accompaniment, especially in a small club.
   A friend once talked me into going with him to take his 13 year old son to his first concert, Ozzie Osborne no less. Now I can take him or leave him musically but I expected to at least see a good show and it sucked. He only played 35 minutes and 5 of those were spent showing his recent video on a big screen. He projected no energy at all and claimed he was battling the flu. More likely dope sick if you ask me. I later told my buddy it was too bad Kevin's first concert was so bad and he said not to say anything to him because he might not know how bad it was, having nothing to compare it to. And he was right. The worst part was waiting out in the snow while Kevin queued up to get some of the band members' autographs.