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Posted By: Rob Naylor
20-Jul-10 - 04:59 AM
Thread Name: Worst performance I've ever seen.
Subject: RE: Worst performance I've ever seen.
Bobert: I've seen Bob Dylan 3 times going back to 1965 and, hey, Dylan is an acquired taste... Some folks don't get him and probably never will and others got him from the jump and continue to get him... But fir those of you who don't get him, too bad... There is nothin' on this planet like a Dylan live... He ain't out there tryin' to win "American Idol"... He's out there presentin' a highly personal blend of sounds and thoughts

Oh, I "get" him OK. I've seen him twice. One time, yes, he was great, but the other time he just sucked. Didn't attempt to get the words right, or in the right order. Mumbled a lot of them anyway, mainly way out of tune, seemed to not care at all whether he was there, whether he did anything, or whether he had an audience. That was 30 years ago, so not down to advancing age...that night, he was just terrible. Most people I talked to felt the same.

The two gigs were like watching 2 different performers. At the good one he wasn't trying to win "American Idol" either, but at least he seemed to take the trouble to give a shit, and appeared to have rehearsed most of the songs at least once with his band!