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Posted By: Will Fly
20-Jul-10 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: Vaughan Williams Memorial Library & its importance
Subject: RE: TheVWML and its importance
Dick, I can't honestly see the point of this thread - particularly as you've expressed opinions on the location and other aspects of the EFDSS elsewhere.

It surely must be self-evident to anyone with a passing interest in the folk music world that the society is, as Brian Peters puts it, "indispensable". Digitising library collections as diverse and as large as that contained in C# House is an incredibly complex and time-consuming business, and I speak as an ex-librarian and (retired) who was involved in the business. To get where they've got to with the Take 6 Project has taken immense hard work, and more resources will undoubtedly come on-line in the future. Be patient.

I note that you say, in your original post, that you are just "posing a question, not attacking the EFDSS" but - when I put this thread together with your other one entitled "EFDSS: Advantages and disadvantages" - I get a distinct impression of niggling curmudgeonliness. Apologies if this is far from your intent, but it's what comes across to me.

Train time from Lancaster (say) to Euston - 3 hours these days. Driving time - around 5, excluding the London car charge and the potentially bloody awful traffic. As Manitas says, is there really a better location?