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Posted By: GUEST,Nemesis
20-Jul-10 - 01:02 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dorset Is Beautiful (Bob Gale)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dorset Is Beautiful (Bob Gale)
What I asked was - is it the same song, is there a variation, are there two different songs ... as you say, where's the proof, say, that Bob wrote a particular version - which might be a different or the same or a variation of all the other possibles - if it was only 'known' that he wrote it; 'known' in the sense of a commonly held 'belief'?

What's interesting here is an example of how the 'oral tradition' works? Inasmuch, that we're both encountering different bodies of thought about ownership of something that may, or may not be, the same thing? In an anthropological sense - because I'd only 'looked' for Trev's ownership of material, that was all I'd seen until this thread. Equally, other people's relationship with the song perhaps means that they'd only 'hear' or 'see' Bob's relationship with it?

Keeping in mind that we still haven't established if we're talking about exactly the same song.... if the lyrics verge on the scurrilously rude, I'd tend to veer towards believing that, it's more likely a Trevor version I'm referring to ... but, then, I don't know Bob's 'style'of lyrics.

Possibly, and dodgy ancient memory kicking in here - Trev did sing a scurrilous version, which was his own take on it...