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Posted By: Richard Bridge
20-Jul-10 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: Worst performance I've ever seen.
Subject: RE: Worst performance I've ever seen.
I'm surprised to see Ian Bruce in this company. He is normally a voice not to be missed, and while I prefer traditional-ish a fair bit of his self-written stuff is nice. I particularly like "Blue Denim Days".

Also surprised about Tabor - reputed to be a bit of a perfectionist - but one of the best singers of all time particularly when she gets a smidgeon less restrained (eg Hughie Graeme).

Now Dylan, or Dave Cash - can't play, can't sing, never could. Songwriters, not singers.

Pianos are a pain in the bum for folk music. I walked out of someone (I forget who now) at Ely a couple of years back, and I wanted to hear them, but there was this bloody piano ruining everything.

Other than that, the last gigs I walked out of were the Blues Band - a bunch of tired old bank managers going through the motions in an all seated venue quieter than I play my HiFi - oh and Wheeler Street, some moments of quality but there's only so much posing I can stand (and Oh My God their support was dire dire dire).   

Oh and various punk-folk things. Punk is so dead, and if you can't actually play why advertise the fact?

I remember a tizzy distorted guitar sound wrecking a performance of Jackie Oates (who I wanted to hear) also at a different Ely. It might of course have been a flat battery in the guitar, but I suspect the sound man.

But maybe the overall "Worst" award goes to Jack Bruce's Lifetime in the Nottingham Palais in about 1970 - mighty mighty Amcron DC300As on the organ/keys producing simply a wall of shit.