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21-Jul-10 - 08:40 AM
Thread Name: Vaughan Williams Memorial Library & its importance
Subject: RE: Vaughan Williams Memorial Library & its importance
Howard, I think you are missing a trick here.
the VWML needes to be accessible to everyone the library and the EFDSS needs to be promoted, but not just to people in mainland Britain, it needs to be a Heritage destination, accessible to overseas visitors.
The library does have to be big enough to accept new material.
JACK, your rail facts are incorrect everything does not go via london in fact there is a train servics from the north to cornwall via Derby ,AND BIRMINGHAM[not london][Virgin Trains
some details of many journeys that donot go through london
copied today from trans pennine express.

From:         To:         Standard from:         1st class from:         Tickets:
Blackpool         Manchester         £5.00 (single)         £10.00 (single)         Buy now
Carlisle         Edinburgh         £7.00 (single)         £12.50 (single)         Buy now
Hull         Leeds         £6.00 (single)         £11.00 (single)         Buy now
Leeds         Windermere         £11.00 (single)         £20.00 (single)         Buy now
Liverpool         Leeds         £7.50 (single)         £15.50 (single)         Buy now
Manchester         Glasgow         £12.00 (single)         £21.50 (single)         Buy now
Manchester         Edinburgh         £12.00 (single)         £21.50 (single)         Buy now
Manchester         Leeds         £6.00 (single)         £11.00 (single)         Buy now
Newcastle         Leeds         £10.50 (single)         £19.00 (single)         Buy now
Newcastle         York         £7.00 (single)         £14.50 (single)         Buy now
Preston         Manchester         £5.00 (single)         £9.00 (single)         Buy now
Preston         Sheffield         £7.50 (single)         £13.50 (single)         Buy now
there is a connecting service from stansted airport to birmingham that does not go through london
Derby station.
   Derby's central location and former importance as a 'railway town' have made it an important node of the rail network. Until recently, major carriage and locomotive workshops as well as the Research Division in the Railway Technical Centre were housed there.

The station is an interchange point between the Midland Main Line from London St Pancras to Leeds and long-distance services on the Cross-Country route from Aberdeen through Birmingham to Penzance (the zero milepost on the Birmingham-bound Cross-Country route is at the south end of platform 1, at the divergence of the two major routes). Until the mid twentieth century, the station was host to through trains from Manchester and Glasgow to London. It is still a busy station, the section to Sheffield having the highest train frequency (passenger and freight) of any line in the East Midlands.

Local services to Matlock along the Derwent Valley Line originate from Derby, and the station also sees local and semi-fast services to Nottingham and Skegness, Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe, and Birmingham, Hereford and Cardiff.

Derby station today has six platforms (all but Platform 5 are through platforms), connected by a footbridge, used as an exit to Pride Park and a new car park.