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Posted By: Bob Bolton
11-Sep-00 - 05:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Musselburgh Fair and Musselburgh Field
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: THE KNICKERBOCKER LINE ^^
G'day Sian,

You will have to keep wishing for the Peter Kennedy book next Christmas, but this is probably pretty close to the version in his book. We published this in Singabout in 1962 – next to the Australian song The Great Northern Line, which I posted recently. The interesting thing is that The Great Northern Line has, as its chorus:

Watch him, pipe him twig him how he goes,

With his little team of bullocks he cuts no dirty shows;

He's one of the flash young carriers that on the road do shine,

With his little team of bullocks on the Great Northern Line.

which leads me to ask if some other version of The Knickerbocker Line has the line, in its chorus: "Watch her, pipe her twig her how she goes,
and this is what Duke Tritton's song is based upon. Of course this could explain where the "twigar" in your Welsh song Bachgen bach o dincar came from.

BTW: I had a listen to the MIDI of Bachgen bach o dincar and it is yet another variant on this group of tunes.


Bob Bolton

Reprinted in Singabout #4, v. 4, p6 from English Dance and Song (Coll. Peter Kennedy - from Stanley Slade the Bristol Shanteyman). Sally Sloane sang a version to John Meredith.

My love she is a tailoress - a tailoress by trade
And many a fancy waistcoat for me my love has made,
She gets up in the morning and stitches away till nine
Then her high-heeled boots go clattering down the Knickerbocker line.

Watch her, trail her, pipe her as she goes
High heeled boots - and patent leather toes,
That she was one of those flash-girls I soon found out in time
When her high-heeled boots went clattering down the Knickerbocker line.

When first I saw this pretty girl in High Street she did dwell,
She really took my breath away - she was such a swell
She'd a dandy hat with feathers and couldn't she cut a shine
When her high-heeled boots went clattering down that Knickerbocker line.

I took my love to London - to the Theatre we did go,
To see them all a-staring at her - you'd think she was the show.
Comin' out she stopped me - And partickiller asked the time
Then skiddaddled with my ticker down the Knickerbocker line.

When I found my ticker gone - I raised a hue and cry,
I called out to a Bobby - there was one standin' by.
He says to her - Now come with me - and marched her off so fine
It's three months you must shuffle off this 'ere Knickerbocker Line.

The tune, as printed in English Dance and Song

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T:The Knickerbocker Line

Singabout #4, v.4, p6, 1962