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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
22-Jul-10 - 03:43 AM
Thread Name: Review: Killing folk
Subject: RE: Review: Killing folk
David - I was going to make a flippant comment, but decided not to.
I will assume you are not just trolling, so give a sensible answer.
Your comments are all ones which are thrown at the folk scene. They are over simplified and don't really fit reality. For every "match" the other 99.9% of folkies don't.
Thing such as "all folkies are teachers" - my folk friends have been woollen mill workers, chemical plant operator, paving stone layer, market stall holder, numerous pub landlords, railway track worker, farmer, milkman, collier, motorway construction worker, painter & decorator, car mechanic, policemen, accountant, chef, postman, airline pilot, v.a.t. inspector to list a small selection. No [pattern to it, some teachers included, but heavily outweighed by the number who weren't. Some of those in teaching ended up there because the industry they were qualified in was closed down , so had to find a completely new occupation.
I personally do folk things because I enjoy them. It is not elitist, but most of the population is simply not interested. I am not on a mission to lead horses to water - they won't drink even if I do. I have taken folk stuff, song, dance, silliness out to a public audience. Some appreciate it, most couldn't care less. Very few were interested in getting involved themselves. At some point you say to yourself "This is what I do". If someone else wants to join me, great, but I'm not going to spoil what I enjoy just to please someone else. I am not a missionary - don't try to put me in that position ;@)
Geoff the Duck.