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Posted By: Bounty Hound
22-Jul-10 - 04:55 AM
Thread Name: Review: Killing folk
Subject: RE: Review: Killing folk
So what I am trying to work out from your post, is do actually like anything that you count as folk music?

Your solution to promote folk to the masses is a little simplistic, there is already a huge amount of good quality, both professional and talented amateurs who have published their music on the internet, next time you can't sleep, spend some time browsing myspace, youtube, last FM, etc etc and you will find loads of really good music. The internet of course has the ability for an individual to choose what the post and where.

The media, however is a different matter, our local radio station BBC Radio Suffolk dropped their weekly, two hour long folk programme a few years back. It only used to attract an audience of around 20,000, obviously not enough! I have tried to persuade our new local community station to have a folk programme, but to no avail. As for the television…………

Your point about schools is correct though, we are taught from an early age, to quite rightly respect and admire traditions from other cultures, but our own is almost ignored.

What is interesting, however, is what happens if some high powered media mogul decides he likes something folky. Suddenly a group of Cornish fishermen become household names overnight. Unfortunately most folk does not receive this media hype.

Until we can find a solution to getting the media interested, just settle back in your chair, enjoy our music, however it is performed. It is not the 'folkies' themselves that make it elitist, it is lack of support from the mass media.

Be sure to let us all know when you work out how to get that media attention!