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Posted By: treewind
22-Jul-10 - 05:25 AM
Thread Name: Recommend me a CD replicator - UK
Subject: RE: Recommend me a CD replicator - UK
"We're after replication (not duplicated CD-Rs)"
So you want CD pressed from a glass master. I hope you want lots, because the setup costs mean it only gets economical over about 300-500 units.

If I needed CDs pressed the first two options I'd try would be

(1) SRT in Huntingdon, mainly because they are fairly local to me, but I've heard recommendations. I suggested Colin Cater use them for his "Penny For The Ploughboys" CD and he hasn't complained...

(2) I'd ask Doug Bailey at Wild Goose. He doesn't do pressing himself, he usually gets them done by a firm in Austria but he gets a good price because he puts so much work their way. He has offered to do this for me as we've recorded 5 albums on his label and know him well; I don't know if he'd do it as a commercial service but he does all sort of projects on and off label and it's always worth a try.

Both the above can handle any of the other parts of the processing
too: recording, mastering, packaging, putting artwork together in a suitable format for printing etc.

Of course anybody you ask will tell you they give you best quality at cheapest prices....