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Posted By: Bobert
22-Jul-10 - 07:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Party of Lincoln
Subject: RE: BS: Party of Lincoln
Yeah, 20/20 hindsight, it would have been better to let the CSA walk... I mean, lets get real here... Given a hundred years of Jim Crow, which was pure terror for black folks living in the South, and given the resentments from not only the human toll of the war coupled with the humilitating 12 year occupation, yeah, it would have been better to let the CSA walk...

Lotta folk don't understand the resentment that is still very part of the mindset of alot of Southerners even today.... It is hatred... It has been passed down from generation to generation and generally shows up as hatred of the federal government... Yeah, it is terribly ignorant and misguided but on the other hand it is also hypocritical... Let me explain... I was a socail worker in Richmond, Va, for some 15 years and I saw alot of folks who hated the federal government on one hand but had their hands out for any federal programs they might be elegible for... That is still very much part of the Southern culture... Look at Bobby Jindal... He's mad as aHell at the feds but wants them to spend everyone's money risking dredging sand to build barrier islands... There's a reason why the feds aren't jumpin' at Jingal's demands and that is that if they use the sand (which is limited) and build the islands and then another Katrina comes along and takes the sand out into the Gulf then they have lost theor supply of available sand.... Yet Jingal is playin' the perfect victim?angry demander that I have seen in Southerners all my life... BTW, I am not speakin' as some outsider as I grew up here in Virginia and other than 20 years living just inside Wes Ginny (among folks with confederate flags on the trucks) I have spent my whole life here so I kinda seen and figured these folks out...

(But Bobert, does this mena you support slavery???)

Dumb argument...