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Posted By: GUEST,Steamin' Willie
22-Jul-10 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: Review: Killing folk
Subject: RE: Review: Killing folk
Hang the bunting and throw a party!

Twenty posts and nobody has started rattling on about some 1954 definition yet!

For what it is worth, I keep rattling on (and this thread allows such ramblings without being off topic..) about the difference between a musical medium and a culture.

Is the music being killed off? Well no. I have been to a few mainstream festivals and enjoy listening to how "roots" music weaves its way into music that is commercially "up to date" and relevant to tomorrow's musicians and listeners. Just don't call it folk, whatever you do.

I do not know about other countries, but folk music here in the UK is also associated with a stereotyped image of people of "an age" who bought a guitar in the '60s and were going to change the world, and almost 50 years on, are still buying beer on a Tuesday night. That is the cosy comfort blanket that is slowly dying out, mainly because the appeal is to people who are slowly disappearing themselves.

I started going to folk clubs and my local one in particular as a teenager in the late '70s. I was by far the youngest one there.   A friend from that time had a retirement 'do with a ceilidh last year, and a few of us got up and did a few songs. I was still the youngest getting up, and by the same margin...

Folk music? Carry on forever, always has and always will, in a variety of mediums. However, the folk culture has a shelf life because younger people may enjoy the music but don't make the mistake that they will like the warm beer by default...