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Posted By: Kent Davis
22-Jul-10 - 08:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Party of Lincoln
Subject: RE: BS: Party of Lincoln
If I understand you correctly, Messrs. Bobert, Greg F., Donuel, and mousethief, your thoughts on the ***** and ********** people could be summarized as follows:

"A lot of folk don't understand the resentment that is still very much part of the mindset of a lot of ****** even today.... It is hatred... It has been passed down from generation to generation and generally shows up as hatred ...******* have been in denial for over a century and a half. Way past time to get over it...****** doesn't give a danged about education so that lots of ***** folks have no real job skills...They're a net money drain on the Federal government...I'm sure there are good people... But they are in the minority and seem helpless to change things...I've read where child-bearing-aged ***** women who needed kids to help run the farms hooked up with some real snaggle-tooth (think lower end of the gene pool) in order to get pregnant..."

Isn't that a fair description of ****** people? It's not bigotry or prejudice, but the simple unvarnished truth about those *****, right?

Your description of ****** seems oddly familiar. Now where have I heard people use that sort of language to describe those who are different from them? It was so long ago now...forty years perhaps....and it seems there were palmetto trees...