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Posted By: Desert Dancer
23-Jul-10 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: English Country Dance Resources
Subject: RE: English Country Dance Resources
There's lots of English country dancing (sometimes abbreciated "ECD") in the U.S., as well as contra dancing. However, there is more contra dancing than English dancing. Contra dancing is more vigorous -- you can find lots on YouTube as well. Also, check this great recent article on NPR. (The "flocking youth" may reflect the situation in New England better than other areas in the country, where many are still working on reintroducing contra to a younger crowd.)

A great starting point for resources is the Country Dance and Song Society, based in Northampton, Mass. They can point you to member organizations, as well as provide publications (cds, books, videos) that can tell you lots more. They have an active youth outreach program, so don't be shy about getting in touch. They'd love to hear from you.

Also, Alan Winston in California is ECD central. Here's his compilation of links.

From that site, a national listing.


The contra dance group in Athens might be a help, too.

Any English dance or contra dance group would love to welcome your daughter. There may not (or there may!) be very many other people her age, aggressive young punks are not too much of a risk. :-)

There may also be a group in your area with more of a historical focus that includes some dance. Some Jane Austen Society of America groups have annual balls, other Civil War reenactment groups have dance events, so poke around for those folks if that approach (with costuming) might be of interest. As well as calling contra dances, I call some of the dances for We Make History in Arizona, which is very connected to homeschool groups and has a variety of activities in addition to the dances. There may be some organization like this in your area.

Good luck and have fun!

~ Becky from Tucson (in NJ at the moment)