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Posted By: Dharmabum
11-Sep-00 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 39
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 39


{sung to Dylan's Hard rains gonna fall}

Where have you been my blue eyed son,

Where have you been my darlin young one,

I was down at the pirate a drinkin espresso,

I had no idea it would be such a messo,

I said"hey this coffee it tastes somewhat iffy",

The next thing I knew I had a big stiffy,

And it's hard,

Yea it's hard,

And it's hard,

Yea it's hard,

It's a hard daaaaay at Sperlonga.

They're handing out condoms with each cupa joe,

But be carefull my friends beware if you go,

Cause your little soldier will stand at attention,

Yea your little buddy will get an extention,

If you see a nice girl and you're tryin to meet her,

Try spiking your coffee with a little salt peter,

Cause it's hard.........

If you're on vacation & you make it to Rome,

You must try their espresso before you go home,

It's made with Viagra it's really quite goodie,

It may not be Starbucks but it'll give you a woodie,

It's good for what ails you & your dangling member,

You'll stand up & be counted from May till December,

You'll get a big smile from all that you meet,

When you're on your back you'll pitch a tent with your sheet,

You'll piont north like a compass to the heavens above ya,

You'll be the talk of the town & your dear wife'll love ya,

Cause it's hard ,

Yea it's a hard,

It's a hard,

Yea it's hard,

It's a haaaaard daaaay at Sperlonga.