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Posted By: Greg F.
23-Jul-10 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Party of Lincoln
Subject: RE: BS: Party of Lincoln
What the north wanted the south to do was to give up their most valuable assets. Slaves.

No, exactly wrong. You've bought into the Lost Cause fairy-tale.

What was at issue was NOT abolition (yes, yes, abolitionists were a bloc in the North, and some in the South as well, but a minority one that the South blew all out of proportion for propaganda purposes), but the expansion of slavery. No one was going have to "give up their most valuable assets." The South brought that on themselves when they attacked the United States.

Lincoln's repeatedly and consistently stated position was that
it would be unconstutional to interfere with slavery WHERE IT EXISTED.
Ditto the majority of the population in the North.

Best review U.S. history 1820-1861 & the whole issue of the expansion of slavery into the territories.