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Posted By: Bobert
23-Jul-10 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
Subject: RE: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
One thing ya' don't understand, Rigs, is the "Southern Republican Mentality" (SRM)... The4y don't need to get together and plan how to mess with black people, commies and Dems... They instictually do it... It's kinda like school of fish all turnin' at the same time... I mean, how did the fish know to do that... Rednecks is the same, Rigs... I mean, you don't believe me??? Get you a ticjet to Charlotte when they run the Budweiser 600 and sit in the middle of the stands and just wacth 'um!!! I mean, one race an' you'll either join 'um ot know of what I speak... BTW, I do kinda know about these folks seein' as I had me a race car until I was 39 and ran it at Southside Speedway in Richmond... So my observations about Redneck Nation come first hand... Believe me... The crossover vote in SC was huge... Just like that school o' fish... Had there been a real race in the Repub primary then different story but this was, like they say in football" a "free play"...