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Posted By: JohnInKansas
23-Jul-10 - 11:32 PM
Thread Name: Tech: I wish MC had a 'Like' button like FB has
Subject: RE: Tech: I wish MC had a Like button like FB has
In an adult community, if you like what someone says you just tell the person thank you. You can do that by posting a comment in a thread here.

With that method, you can also express what you like about something, so you have the opportunity to do much more than than "idiot click" anonymously.

The feature you're suggesting is actually quite present here, since the listing of threads shows how many posts have been made to a thread, which is at least as reliable an indication of how many people "like" the conversation there as the Facebook STUPIDLY-I-LIKE voting button. With some practice you can also "read" the number of posts to quite accurately assess which threads have gone "over the hill." Learning to do this allows identifying threads where you may find entertaining degenerate smart-a** comments, wise cracks, and facetious joviality, it that's what you "like."

Conversation is our "toy" here, and IMO we don't need any toy buttons.

If you're only interested in keeping track of what threads you're personally interested in, just click on the "trace" button to keep a list of them in you personal page.