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Posted By: Bernard
24-Jul-10 - 06:20 AM
Thread Name: Tech: I wish MC had a 'Like' button like FB has
Subject: RE: Tech: I wish MC had a Like button like FB has
I think the real reason why you don't get flamers on Facebook is that only your 'friends' can comment/like your posts. A flamer could simply be dropped as a 'friend', or you could simply delete their comments from your thread.

I've yet to see someone's profile on Mudcat hijacked by a hacker, though it is fairly common on Facebook. I haven't been hijacked, but have received false messages appearing to be from those who have been - which contain links to the hacker's payload.

A 'like' button is, I feel, superfluous for the reason John gave in his opening sentence.

A disadvantage with Facebook is the way current threads drop off the bottom and you can only find them if you know whose 'wall' they were originally posted on. After a while they disappear completely.

Here on Mudcat, threads from over ten years ago can be revived if the content seems relevant, but more often because the 'reviving poster' simply didn't notice the date on the opening post!