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Posted By: Joe Offer
11-Sep-00 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Up Singing - a perfect songbook
Subject: RE: Mudcat Up Singing - a perfect songbook
Hmmm. Well, this thread hasn't quite generated the response I was looking for. I was looking for suggestions for songs that work well in group situations, songs that nonsingers can easily join in singing. So far, I think I see two songs listed here that might work well for group singing. Unless somebody can give me a reasonable alternative that actually works with nonsingers, I think I'll stick with Rise Up Singing.
Yes, I've led singing all my life without using a songbook. In situations like that, I use very simple songs that people can learn instantly, very familiar songs that a good number of people know, or songs with a chorus that is easy to learn. That all works quite well when I'm in charge, but what we're trying to have is a more democratic situation, where everybody has a chance to contribute.
One song that's just about perfect for this sort of situation is "Long Long Ago." People can join in singing the repeated "long, long ago" immediately, and they can learn the rest of the song fairly quickly, without relying on a book.
This is what I'm looking for - to get people singing right away and to encourage them to take the lead early on, and then to gradually wean them from books and song sheets. You haven't given me satisfactory answers yet.
-Joe Offer