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Posted By: Emma B
25-Jul-10 - 09:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: New Israeli atrocity: attack on Gaza aid
Subject: RE: BS: New Israeli atrocity: attack on Gaza aid
They did not use it to inflict casualties. It would not be effective for that because it is not a weapon.
25 Jul 10 - 12:58 PM

I agree WP is too dangerous to use in populated areas, but it is not a weapon
25 Jul 10 - 03:18 AM

"You called it a chemical weapon attack to make it sound much worse than it was.
You just spout propaganda.
I try to be honest.
You also called it genocidal.
Do you stand by that description?
Do you Emma? "

Please show me anywhere atall I either called WP anything other than an Incendiary weapon or used the word genocidal in connection with its use
Be honest
Do you stand by your accusations?
Can you Keith?