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Posted By: mayomick
26-Jul-10 - 10:45 AM
Thread Name: Eamon Na Chnoic (Ned Of The Hill)
Subject: RE: Eamon Na Chnoic
He helped restore money to a well-connected woman who had been robbed . She successfully pleaded that the bounty on him be lifted ,but tragically it was too late. A relative of O'Riann, who hadn't heard there was no money to be had , killed him and cut his head off for the reward.

I like that translation as well Emma which I think was made fairly recently by Donal O' Sullivan . Am I right about that?

These two lines from the second verse I don't like.

My horses run wild
My acres untilled

It seems unfortunate to me that the words "untilled" and wild don't rhyme . I can't think of a time when the two words ever would have rhymed in English as it is spoken in Ireland . The two lines comes across as artificially archaic to me .
But modernity will always win out in due course. I see that you can now get this most beautiful tune as a ringtone for your mobile phone . There's progress for you!