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Posted By: artbrooks
26-Jul-10 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: Connecting VHS player to flat screen TV?
Subject: RE: BS: Connecting VHS player to flat screen TV?
I have done exactly that with no problem, with a Sony TV and anRCA DVD/VCR combo. As already said, it depends a lot on what kind(s) of connectors you have. The manual may or may not be of any use, since people who write those things always assume that your TV comes with exactly the same kind of connector cord that they put in the box. If yours is anything at all like mine, your DVD/VCR will have (1) coax output, (2) component video (red/white/yellow) output, (3) S-video, (4) DVI and/or (5)HDMI outputs. That is more-or-less in ascending order of picture quality. Pick the best one that has a matching input port on the back of your TV...if there is no matching port, there is a variety of adapters available (ie, DVI to HDMI).

Good luck

will have (1) a coax