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Posted By: Artful Codger
29-Jul-10 - 12:59 AM
Thread Name: Tech: I wish MC had a 'Like' button like FB has
Subject: RE: Tech: I wish MC had a Like button like FB has
A strength of Mudcat is that it's focused on sharing real information. That information doesn't need to be rated; it speaks for itself, and quickly here one figures out whom it's worth paying attention to.

Also, I believe people should be encouraged to read the entirety of a thread, not just selected posts. Already folks have the inconsiderate habit of only spot-reading threads, and so they post or ask for information which has been given previously (usually more correctly and completely) and just waste other people's time.

"Like" voting is most used by the least experienced, in judgment, knowledge or breadth of interests. It's very much like "reality TV" voting--the least qualified to judge cast the most votes--often for inappropriate reasons--and populism triumphs over worth. There are already unfortunate biases in the reading here that voting, rather than balancing, would exacerbate.

If implemented, voting should be limited to registered users, to minimize abuse by spammers. Of course, it would still be abused by certain shameless self-promoters we could mention.

But how about leaving Mudcat a place where folks are still encouraged to read, listen and judge for themselves?