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Posted By: Amos
12-Sep-00 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 39
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 39

Espresso Condom Blues

(Raunchy, con espirito)

E      E 7
Lady, lady of the night
E         E7
Came to me to put things right
A                     A7
Slipped that girl a double fin
E          E7
Getting ready to get in!
B7                              B7
Saw her start to rev it up
E                                      E7
Felt the need for one more cup,

               A                       A
Cuz I had to get a condom
E                    E
Haaaad to get a condom
B7                                                     A7                   E
Had to get a condom, that's what Mama said to do!
E                A                        A
Yeah, I had to get a condom,
E                    E
Didn't have a condom,
B7                                                     A7                   E
Found myself confronting those Espresso Condom blues!

Pretty lady,   looking wry
I was slow, she wondered why,
Couldn't confess to bein' a fool,
Shine it on, and play it cool
Let this hot tamale know,
She was second fiddle to my joe,

Cuz I.... (cho).

Lady Love was looking arch,
Wondered where I'd put the starch
Didn't think it was the scene
For me to favor hot caffeine,
She poured that Vente, hold the cream,
Down the front of my new blue jeans

And I had to get a condom!
Haad to get a condom!
Had to get a condom to cool those red hot jewels!
Yeah I had to get a condom!
A lubricated condom!
Anything to cure these Espresso  Condom blues!

While I was a-limping home
Trying not to whine and moan
Lost ten bucks and a lady bright
In the coffee house that night
So let me tell you love mosheens,
Don't mix your pleasures with caffeine,

Or you'll have to get a condom!
Be begging for a condom!
Pleading for a condom to cool your burning tools!
Yeah you'll haveta get a condom,
Better get a condom,
Before you get those Espresso Condom blues!