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Posted By: Joe Offer
29-Jul-10 - 02:25 PM
Thread Name: Posting Policy / No Anonymous Guests
Subject: RE: Posting Policy / No Anonymous Guests
Refresh, because I've had to delete an upsurge of posts from unnamed people and posters with multiple identities. Anonymous posts are routinely deleted, although we do let some get by in the music section. Even then, anonymous posts are grudgingly tolerated and are not welcomed. Multiple-identity posters are viewed with particular disdain.
I am aware some members have cookie problems, or they're comfortable as Guests and just don't bother to sign in. Other people are aware of this, too, and they sometimes post under the names of people who regularly post as Guests. If we have any reason to suspect manipulation in the identity of a poster in a message, we're likely to delete that message - even if the message seems benign.
We review all Guest messages, and we expect all Guests to behave with impeccable manners.

If you think your post was unjustly deleted, contact me by e-mail or personal message (not in the Forum) and explain the circumstances.

-Joe Offer-