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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
01-Aug-10 - 07:34 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Loaf Mass
Subject: RE: Folklore: Loaf Mass
Soppy old folk-sot that I am, my favourite version of Corn Riggs was always Ossian's, as sung by the late, great Tony Cuffe. Listen to it here: I could add that one to the Songs that Make Me Weep thread were it for the ghastly mawk-fest that one turned out to be. The late, great, Paul Giovanni subverts the idiom rather, as with the entire WM soundtrack, but away from the film the song itself is best left un-paganised. That's the trouble with pagans, show them a song with Lammas in it and they'll be dancing sky-clad to it around the nearest crop circle.

The relationship between Folklore and Paganism is a symbiotic one, founded on the Frazerian notion that seasonal ceremony and custom must be survivals of pre-Christian ceremony unwittingly perpetuated by an ill-educated peasantry who had no understanding of the true significance of their seasonal usage. If one gets rid of such condescending inhumane paternalism (as one must) and applies a more considered historical & ethnological methodology to the subject, there is revealed a vibrant human necessity far removed from the insubstantial rhetoric of neo-paganism.

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