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Posted By: Jeri
12-Sep-00 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Parody of The Cat's In The Cradle
Subject: RE: ADD LYR: Parody of The Cat's In The Cradle
...or misplaced apostrophes? ;-)

It's quite normal to look at cultural differences with a sense of humor, but can be a bad thing if it's meant hatefully. It's hard to determine a person's intentions/motives just from song lyrics. I'm not convinced this isn't an urban legend. I know people eat dogs in some places, but I've never heard of a culture incorporating cat cuisine. What about bugs? In many cultures/countries/places, people eat bugs. It seems weird to those of us who don't eat bugs. And if someone from a non-cheese-eating culture wants to make fun of mine in a song about people who eat microorganism-infested, fermented, mostly-dehydrated products from cow squeezin's, I'll probably laugh along with them.