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Posted By: Lox
04-Aug-10 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: New Israeli atrocity: attack on Gaza aid
Subject: RE: BS: New Israeli atrocity: attack on Gaza aid

I see you have deliberately forgotten that I have stated before, as I do now, that I oppose Hamas, both in the way they treat palestinians and the way they are attempting to deal with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

In anothger CURRENT thread to which you have contributed I have very clearly stated that I oppose the use of rockets aganst Israel.

Your deliberate insinuation that I support Hamas or the killing of Israelis is as slimy and disgusting as the videos you post.

OTT? ... You're gettting off lightly!

BTW - the last I checked, Hamas were not occupying Israel, they were not blockading Israel, they did not have thousands of Israeli prisoners in their jails on trumped up charges such as "stealing water from a settlement", they were not holding Israelis up on their way to hospital for hours or turning them away based on arbitrary medical judgements that they have no qualification to make, thus risking innocent peoples lives and in some cases causing their deaths, they were not preventing the import of food, medical supplies and things like incubators, and they did not have troops parading aggressively around Israeli residential areas acting as bullies towards teenage boys and children, nor were they knocking down Israelis houses.

I do not support Hamas - I oppose them - but to suggest I have omitted something when talking about how Israelis aree treated by Hamas is dishonest as Hamas do not treat Israelis any way at all.