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Posted By: VirginiaTam
08-Aug-10 - 12:15 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth 2010 comments??
Subject: RE: Sidmouth 2010 comments??
I am now deflowered. Definitely applying for steward next year. The stewarding was a good break from endless events both festival and fringe. You could get into a different head space for a while and be kind of refreshed for the next batch of playing.

Thanks Fisheye and Fair Maid for relinquishing one of the coveted Sidmouth badges.

I echo GirlFriday re toilet up at top of field near refreshments. The young folk were quite boisterous up until 3 and 4 am with frequent trips down to loos which were positioned (understandably) near the disabled camping. I think more individual keys would not go unappreciated. Several middle of the night bathroom breaks (every night) trudging on slope sodden with dew wet grass to fumble for key 2 vans away was sometimes a bit dodgy. One of the stewards thought I was drunk and kept insisting on helping me about 3 am one night. I tried to tell him I was just trying to get to the key for the disabled loo but arthritis and wet grass were making it difficult.

I think there should be chairs outside the Ham for long waits in queues prior to big concerts. All they need is sign indicating they are for comfort of those waiting and priority should be given to elderly and disabled.

Noted by 2 stewards that more stewards wandering about the twon in the High Viz vests might be useful, as they were both questioned more than once, what was on and where to find venues, toilets, ATMs, shops, etc.

I wouldn't have minded doing a bit of extra duty on top of Manor duties just being a signpost for others as they made their way about.

Inform all stewards that lost property ends up at Kennaway House so we can tell festivallers same when they come seeking things they have lost. Maybe a note in the programme and notices in the newsletters? Could be they are already there. I have not read all.

Some of above will go on my feedback form.

Huzzah to the festy organdizers! You did great. I had a blast. I'll be back.