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Posted By: MBSLynne
10-Aug-10 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth 2010 comments??
Subject: RE: Sidmouth 2010 comments??
Best Sidmouth in several years and certainly the best Middle Bar since we moved upstairs. The t-shirts aren't done every year. There were some last year for the 30th. The one Mike and the Americans did was just for themselves not for selling (and lucky people like me who were given one as a present!)

There seemed to be a lot of people back this year who had ben missing for a year or two, which was great. Still miss the Arena but I know that will never come back. I also miss the Dove but people were beginning to congregate at the Swan so at least there is somewhere you can go to chat and to find people.

The Asbo tent on the campsite was brilliant. The showers were wonderful: possibly the best campsite showers I've had. Lack of mud was pretty brilliant as well, though no one can be thanked for that.

One or two suggestions I have will go on my feedback form.

One thing missing, though not something the organizers can do anything about, is the spontaneous happenings that break out from time to time. ust work on that for next year. We used to have a picnic at the Byes..anyone interested?

Post festival depression setting in badly least I've got Moira in less than two weeks!

Love Lynne