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Posted By: Bernard
10-Aug-10 - 08:04 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Zoom H1
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom H1
Quite right!

On the subject of the SM58 as a vocalist's mic - it is designed with a mid-range peak to take advantage of proximity effect, so that it is very well-behaved in a live PA situation. Yes, you can still make it feed back, but the volume level you can get out of it before feedback occurs is significantly better than many othe 'similar' mics.

However, understanding its proper use (as Anahata pointed out) is very important, or it can sound dreadful!

The correct way to use it is with your lips touching the 'top basket' - not a fetish, but a design feature. That way, the frequency response is correct, and you get no 'popping' on explosive consonants (P, B, etc.). A couple of centimetres away and it pops very badly! Once you're about 20cm away, it won't 'pop', but will sound rather 'thin' needing a lot of EQ to correct it - which is why it's far from ideal for recording.

For the same sort of money you can buy AKG C1000 condensers, which are much more suited to the purpose (although not in the league of the ones Anahata listed). They can use phantom, but will also run from an internl 9v battery. The frequency response is a little better if running from phantom. My favourite cheapo condenser is the Behringer B2 Pro - excellent value for money, with omni/cardioid/fig 8 switchable polar patterns, and very large diapragms.