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Posted By: Joe Offer
12-Aug-10 - 04:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Connecting VHS player to flat screen TV?
Subject: RE: BS: Connecting VHS player to flat screen TV?
An HDMI connection would be best, but I haven't seen a combo DVD/VCR that connects the VCR half through an HDMI connector. Usually, the DVD and VCR connections are separate.
S-Video connections are supposed to be superior to connecting through RCA jacks, but I haven't seen that to be true. What I've found best is to use a coaxial cable with RCA plugs to connect the [yellow] video connections. Coaxial cables really seem to make a difference, but they're a little hard to get. You can cut one loose from the set of three red-green-blue coaxial cables used for RGB "component" (progressive) video connections.
By the way, an HDMI connection really helps, even for normal DVDs - you will be amazed at the improvement in quality. On some DVDs, it's hard to tell the difference from Blu-ray.
Maybe RiGGy can advise you, Chanteyranger. He used to work for Monster Cable, and he knows that tech geek stuff.