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Posted By: Steve in Sidmouth
13-Aug-10 - 05:03 AM
Thread Name: newbie guide to Sidmouth folk festival
Subject: RE: newbie guide to Sidmouth folk festival
Feedback is always useful for campsites - one social dance caller + his wife had an appalling experience on a local farm site and left after a couple of days to get accommodation out of town.

This type of info can be very useful to other people, especially newbies, and I'll be updating my camping page as appropriate.

If anyone can tell me the route taken by the Alpha bus and if it is a constant pattern year on year that would be helpful - I've never actually even seen one of them (rare species?).

The rugby club certainly book year on year for campervans - I know someone who does this. I'm surprised by the suggestion the CC does not. What happens to all those turned away and if the main festival site is full?

Better and firmer info would be useful to all, especially newcomers. I did try and interest the local press about doing an article asking people if they would be prepared to let motorcampers and/or tent campers use their lawns or driveways (some people do this year on year) but there was no interest.

A couple of people I know camp (tents) in gardens and use showers etc in the house, it works well and they have a secure and quiet base each year. If a register could be set up more households might participate - it might take custom away from the main campsite but competition generally serves to improve standards and encourage people to attend the festival, even if they don't use the official campsite.

Accommodation is an increasing problem - the organisers were frantically trying to find spaces for some artistes this year - one problem is that insurance companies are apparently taking a stronger line on letting private houses out for a week and refusing to provide cover. So fewer residents now do this.