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Posted By: Joe Offer
13-Aug-10 - 05:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: First Time Lover (Si Kahn)
Subject: ADD: First Time Lover by Si Kahn
Hi, Alan-
I think I have it down pretty well, but there are a few places where I can't quite understand what he's singing.

(Si Kahn)

His back was bare, and his body bendin' (?)
He was one big grin from his head to his heels,
Just a teenage boy from the next county over,
Workin' with my daddy in the summer fields.

I stood stock-still with my mouth hangin' open,
Mama never had told me this is how love feels;
But this new sensation I'd just discovered,
Told me he'd be my first-time lover.

The boy went off to fight in the Army,
I stayed where I was, I carried my load;
When I heard he'd come home safely,
I spent hours watchin' down the old farm road.

The look in his eyes as he stood there grinnin',
Told me he'd come lookin' for more than work;
That night in the fields with the stars above us,
I welcomed home my first-time lover.

I see you now, your strong back bendin',
Playin' with the kids at the end of the day;
And that lopsided grin that drives me crazy,
Reminds me of the boy in the summer hay.

Supper's done, and the kids gone sleepin',
We stand on the porch as the stars come down;
All (?) these years there's been no other,
You done real good, for a first-time lover.

transcribed by ear from the Si Kahn CD, Thanksgiving
See the definitive lyrics in Si's post below.