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Posted By: Steve in Sidmouth
13-Aug-10 - 10:39 AM
Thread Name: newbie guide to Sidmouth folk festival
Subject: RE: newbie guide to Sidmouth folk festival
Quote: "the organisers were frantically trying to find spaces for some artistes this year"

"See, this is the reason why I have been disinclined to join in with these discussions and, in fact, to post links to your website on ours, Steve. The statement above is simply not true - a case of hearsay augmented by assumption, which is the case with many of the assertions on your website: a sliver of information plus a whole lot of conjecture often add up to conjecture being presented as fact".

Not so 'Ruth' . I had a discussion on this very topic with people who host in Sidmouth. Let's just say my knowledge of some of the facts seems to be different from yours - although you might have more complete information. And I live here all year too. Many people contribute views and information to my website to make it as rounded as possible.

As for promoting other campsites - you seem to have a rather narrow business model. Which is better - people coming and buying festival tickets and choosing not to use your campsite (because of what they have been told about it or have gleaned from arguably reliable and popular third party websites) or simply not coming at all?

Sidmouth people gain from B&B - do you resent this? Other campsites gain, and so does the festival, when people come who would not dream of using the official campsite because of age, infirmity, home comforts, etc.

Your attitude reminds me of the local people who resented the money Steve Heap sometimes made from the International Festival despite that every year they did well out of it themselves.

And whatever else you do - please don't tell me I am naive when it comes to finance and economics!!

This discussion is all about being helpful to newcomers - put yourself in the position of someone coming for the first time - would it be helpful to have lots of info in one place (or even with links to my website) rather than have to scratch around all over Google and tripadvisor (etc) to collate all the most relevant data?

Who is being naive?