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Posted By: Grab
13-Sep-00 - 02:22 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Parody of The Cat's In The Cradle
Subject: RE: ADD LYR: Parody of The Cat's In The Cradle
Jeri, cats were served in restaurants as "roof rabbit" in Holland during the German occupation, but this may be a necessity thing rather than from any kind of culinary experience.

Not Chinese, but a story from a colleague when he got back from working in the boonies in India. Apparently the hotel would serve chicken curry every day, no other dishes, and after a couple of weeks they were a bit bored of this, so they asked the chef if he could do something else. That night, they got a curry made of something other than chicken, but no-one could identify it. They asked the chef, whose only answer was, "Don't worry, is not chicken, is not chicken." They hadn't a clue what it was - best guess was either dog or goat.

Oh, and the Chinese language has the word "gwailo" for Westerners, which carries a strong negative charge - roughly similar to calling a Chinese a "Chink".

Nothing wrong with parodies - in the end, everything gets parodied. Next thing, we'll be saying that the Monty Python lumberjack song is insulting to Canadians. There's also plenty of jokes about British cooking - I've seen Greg Proops do a routine where he produces a book called something like "Scotland's greatest cooking", which is about 1/2 cm thick, and there's things along the lines of "A quick guide to English cookery - take your food, boil the crap out of it for half an hour, and serve lukewarm". Or is it only acceptable to do parodies if it's your own culture you're parodying?