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Posted By: Murray MacLeod
15-Aug-10 - 09:09 AM
Thread Name: Sick note / Paddy's not at work today
Subject: RE: Sick note / Paddy's not at work today
As Dave Roberts and Joanne have astutely observed above, one's preference probably does depend on which version you heard first.

In my case, I first heard it sung by Noel Murphy at the Cambridge Folk Festival back in the early seventies, he already had the audience helpless with laughter, and this song was the icing on the cake.

I can see why people would champion the Hoffnung recitation, its just that I always feel ever so slightly uneasy with the sounds of plummy upper class accents waxing comedic about the working class. Don't get me wrong, I can laugh my ass off at the working class sometimes, and am no hypersensitive socialist, but it just bugs me ever so slightly when the upper echelons do it.

Flanders and Swann's song about all making work for the working man to do bugs me ever so slightly for the same reason.

Strangely enough, I loved it when Monty Python, and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore used to take the piss out of the working class, but I guess that is because they also used to take the piss out of the upper classes even more savagely, in a way which you couldn't really imagine Hoffnung or Flanders and Swann doing.

No big deal, however ...