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Posted By: Beer
16-Aug-10 - 12:23 AM
Thread Name: Bob Dylan Masters of war.
Subject: RE: Bob Dylan Masters of war.
Let us get this thread in prospective. I'm form the age when Dylan first came on the scene. Were you who are now so informed? I was here when he went from folk to electric. Were you? If you are of my era and are still trying to figure him out then great, but if your form a generation that didn't live thought the times of our era., than you will never never understand what we were so fortunate to have experiences first hand, be it copied, fraudulent or what ever you fucking asshole have negative to say about him. He was a changing experience for all of us rebels and peace lovers. You weren't there in the time of the cold war and the Cuban crises. Were you a teenager when the Viet Nam war was taking place. If not than, than shut the fuck up because you didn't go to bed wondering if you were going to be called up to serve or if the Russians were going o nuke us. The media was not at our finger tips as it is now. Sermons on Sunday gave us the news. Lyndon Jhonson(sp.wrong I don't care)gave us news as well. Much of which was lies.
Dylan can't sing worth shit and i have to go along with this. His first couple of a/p's were great then his voice started to go down hill. However, he is one of the greatest movers in world affairs that we folk lovers appreciate. For he was and still is a spokesmen.

I don't know where you were when you first heard "The Times Are A Changing" and maybe you don't even know the song. But I remember, and like Kennedy's Assassination I will never forget. Do you even know the song? Look it up, it still applies.

So did Dylan steal form this person of that person and change the words a little or the melody? I don't give a rats ass. Dylan moved the world and that is it.