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Posted By: Rob Naylor
16-Aug-10 - 03:34 AM
Thread Name: Bob Dylan Masters of war.
Subject: RE: Bob Dylan Masters of war.
Beer...what are you being so chippy about?

As far as I can see, there is ONE poster on here who implied Dylan may have plagiarised a song. And that poster's been taken to task for it.

The rest of the posts are mainly either confirming that borrowing/ adapting tunes and phrases are part of folk and blues tradition, or they're arguing for or against Pierre's contention that the "rocked up" version of Masters of War" is a great version of the song.

Yet you've gone off into some rant about how "you were there" and aggressively asking whether the rest of us were (and the few people posting here who I've actually met ARE old enough to have "been there") as if the thread's all about dissing Dylan.