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Posted By: open mike
16-Aug-10 - 04:34 AM
Thread Name: Songs about (or including) dogs
Subject: Songs about (or including) dogs
I thought we had discussed this, but do not see a message or thread about Dogs. I had dogs as the theme of may radio show yesterday. This was based on the expression "Dog days of Summer" which i found to be
connected to the time 20 days before and after the day that Sirius, the dog star rises with the Sun. Approx. July 3 to Aug 14. here are the songs i played on my radio show.

Since 2006, all playlists posted at and
2010-08-14 THE 2nd SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH FROM 2:00 TO 4:00 p. m. Pacific Time
THEME: DOG DAYS OF SUMMER – 20 days before&after Sirius, the dog Star rises&sets with the sun.
P.O.B. 4201, Yankee Hill, CA, 95965
ARTIST                TITLE                ALBUM                LABEL                WEBSITE
Stephen Bennet / Good dog / Good dogs, Bad Dogs, and Best Friends / Harp Guitar Music / see below
Gregg Miner / Best Friends / " " "    " "    "    "    / "    "    "    /
Bryan Bowers / Dog / By Heart /Flying Fish /
Tom Russell / Old Blue / Indians, Cowboys, Horses, and Dogs / Hightone /
Road Oilers / Joke on the Puppy / It Seems Fast To Us / Self /
Rapsquillion / Salty Dog / the Good Old Way / Self /
Jakob's Hollow / Praying for Dogs / Legend of Bobbie the Kid / self /
Greg Brown / Fido and Crawdad Hole / Prairie Home Companion , Comedy and Covers
Laurie Lewis / Sand, Water, Waves / True Stories / Rounder /
Craig Werth / Good Old Dog, Zuchinni Surprise / The Spokes Man /
(At this point there was a brief power outage at the station…and all equipment went off. I was not able to get the computer streaming back up, but did get confirmation that the program was being heard.)
Guy Clark / If I Needed You , Hollywood /Some Days the Song Writes You /
Greg Brown / Same Blues, Wondrous Day, Out in the Country / Prairie Home Companion, Compositions/
Bill Evans and Megan Lynch / OLD DOG / Let's Do Something / Native and Fine /
Almanac Readings by Me / 5 different almanacs, with info on meteor showers, garden advice, history.

Vassar Clements, et al / Orange Blossom Special / Will the Circle Be Unbroken / Capitol
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, et al / Wabash Cannon Ball / "   "    "      "      "    " / "/
Peter O'Brien / Old Rivers and Slow Trains / Junked Cars and Beat Up Guitars / Aurora/
Juni Fisher / Dog, Pig, Ike, Betsy and Me / Side Show Romance / Red Guitar Music /
James Reams / Cool down on the Banks of Jordan / Troubled times / Mt. Redbird /
Hawks and Eagles / Cluck Old hen , Other Side f Jordan / Music Americana / Self
Hawks and Eagles / Pretty Boy Floyd, Moving Day, Long Steel Rail/ All Join Hands / Self