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Posted By: Áine
13-Sep-00 - 06:01 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 39
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 39
Well, well, well!! And here there were rumours going around that the Song Challenge! was about to expire completely . . . I'm as happy as a little girl that Amos came up with a grand Challenge! to prove all the nay-sayers wrong!! Why, we haven't had a response like this since we threw our knickers up in the air for Mardi Gras!! Brilliant, every one of you!

As promised, here are the Silver B.L.O.B.s for the entries (so far). For you brand-new Challenge!rs, a B.L.O.B. is a 'best line o' bull', and is awarded by the ever-contrary Keeper of the Book for great lines of verse. And don't worry, you're still qualified for the 'big' awards at the end of each Challenge! -- no one walks away without some kind of Golden Cow Chip to put on the mantel.

So, here we go, in order of entry:

MichaelAnthony -- I'm just pleased as punch to see you among the Challenge!rs. And you've given us a fantastic first-entry-ever as well! I'm really looking forward to seeing you here often, OK? Not only do you merit a Silver B.L.O.B. for the title of your song, Rubber Cup Cafe, but also for the following lines:

And there's nothing more exciting than sexy lips a-biting
On biscuits shaped like a bisque
And with sketches needing showing soon the two of you are going
To your room cause this beauty's worth the risk

Dharmabum -- In the spirit of the 25th anniversary of Faulty Towers, you are hereby ordered by the Keeper of the Book to stand in front of the mirror and spank your bottom three times, repeating the following -- "I'm a naughty boy, and I got a Silver B.L.O.B. for writing

You'll point north like a compass to the heavens above ya,
You'll be the talk of the town & your dear wife'll love ya,"

MMario -- Dearest Leo, what would we do without you to lend a bit of class to all this brouhaha? Here's your own Silver B.L.O.B. for:

Sperlonga Beach is popular, with patrons old and new
Who have a cup or maybe more, of the Pirates fine black brew
And if they come in one by one, when the evening it is through
You know they're safe even if they leave, hand in hand, and two by two

Amos -- Welcome back, darling! You've outdone yourself yet again (isn't that starting to hurt by now?) Another brilliant song to make me roll with the dust bunnies and laugh myself into a tizzy. Here's your Silver B.L.O.B. for these immoral (!) lines:

Lady Love was looking arch,
Wondered where I'd put the starch
Didn't think it was the scene
For me to favor hot caffeine,
She poured that Vente, hold the cream,
Down the front of my new blue jeans

McGrath of Harlow -- It's nice to see a Master of the Mudcat here again! Dear Kevin, your entire song is hereby awarded a Silver B.L.O.B. by the Keeper of the Book, and an extra Bronze Wee B.O.B. (Wee Bit O' Bull) as an enticement to keep you coming back to us for:

And I've got a present for the wife,
and I saved myself some bother,
for those sweeties from the coffee shop -
I'll give them to her mother.

mousethief -- Welcome, welcome, welcome, to yet another new Challenge!r!! I do hope that you'll be coming back to us, too, dear mousethief. I can see from your wonderful entry that you're going to be a fantastic member of our gang of zanies -- It ain't that easy to get Mmario to do a 'spray take'. Here's your very first Silver B.L.O.B. for this wonderful bit of verse:

Now I've played the mandolin before,
And the recorder, and the conga,
But I've never played the organ
Like they play it in Sperlonga!

A big hug and kiss to you all -- and thanks for making the Song Challenge! as wild and wooly, foolish and funny, and lovely and lascivious as it can be!

-- Aine