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Posted By: GUEST,Don McBride
17-Aug-10 - 03:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Okay, I got some good news and some bad news, eh?

The good news: I got my truck back. The police found it in Elliot Lake where some bolthole bought it illeegal without no papers from idiot-boy. Apparantly the little brother ran out of gas and money after toolin' around for a coupla days so he sold MY truck for $300 to the bolthole in Elliot Lake like I menshuned before, eh?

The bad news: The fliphead who bought my truck tried to flippin' disgise it by puttin' on some old expyired plates he had and brush paintin' it a really shitty shade of green! My truck is suppost to be black, eh? And shiny. Or it used to be. It is now only HALF black becoz the police caught the fliphead when his backyard paint job was only, like, half done, eh? The moron was using a house paint brush and roller to do it. So it is puke green from the front bumper (INCLUDIN' the CROME!) to about halfway back and then shiny black from there on. Holy flip! What a flippin' mess!

I am gonna make idiot-boy LICK off the green paint with his tungue when the police haul his sorry ass back here!

So the brainless one (my baby brother) is still at large, eh? He is probally busy spendin' the $300 and gettin' drunk at some bar. The cops are lookin' for him and I am sure they will find him. Every cop in North Ontario KNOWS what he looks like by now, eh? He is famous here, but not in such a good way, know what I mean?

Did I say he was still "at large"? Lemme reword that, okay? He is "at small", eh? Real small. Like a stale chipmunk turd layin' on the ground.

- Don