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Posted By: GUEST,The Truth
27-Aug-10 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Meaning of John Barleycorn
Subject: RE: Meaning of John Barleycorn
I learnt me own version of the ditty thisa way: One early morn, after an evenin spent drawin lustily from a particularly fine bottlea Scotts Whiskey (AND takin me a gooddeala Guinness too, I'm afeared) I heard music aplayin from somewheres. Most faraway & eerie soundin too, it was. Couldn't figure out the source no matter my tryin. Finally stuck me head 'neath the civvers and got me answer: The tune was aplayin out me arse. But only those verses most describin me own behavior and soundin much like charges read inna courtalaw: Me servin John B worst of all by pissin him against the wall, makin an arse of the strongest man, and all that. Seems John B hisbloodyself was aplayin me a song of comeuppance from inside me own gut and using me arsehole for amplification. Never agin sampled the Man's (John B's tha 'tis) wares--tea only now for this sad bloke. Thus to this'un here the ballad is a warnin of the direst sort. John B indeed "proved the strongest man at last."