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Posted By: Brian Peters
29-Aug-10 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: Help: Do you use a click track in the Studio?
Subject: RE: Help: Do you use a click track in the Studio?
It depends to some extent on what kind of music your band is playing (acoustic music with no drummer generally doesn't like too rigid a rhythm), but in my opinion it's [b]always[/b] going to sound more like a band and less like s studio concoction if you play as live as possible. I have used clicks very occasionally, but there is a danger of (a) making the music sound stilted and (b) finding yourself in a situation where you have drifted a tiny bit off the click track, so you then try to correct it with the result that there's an audible glitch in your timing.

If I find myself having to do overdubs, maybe because the studio isn't big enough for all the players, or because there's a sound spill problem, I would recommend getting the basic track down live with two or three musicans, then overdubbing the others, to get a live feel at the core of the track. For instance, on a recent recording of mine, the accordion, guitar and fiddle went down live and the hammered dulcimer and sax were overdubbed.

This might not apply to Michael, but another thing I don't like doing is laying down a solo guitar track and then overdubbing a vocal over it. Some engineers prefer that, thinking it gets the best vocal and instrument sound with no spill, but again it can end up sounding stilted.