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Posted By: Crowhugger
29-Aug-10 - 04:40 PM
Thread Name: Help: Do you use a click track in the Studio?
Subject: RE: Help: Do you use a click track in the Studio?
It's interesting to consider how to get the best of both worlds, the benefit of a click track AND the subtle variations in tempo that result from emotion and energy. So I wondered, can a click track have subtly-varying speeds, for example an increased tempo where the music's intensity grows and a more relaxed one somewhere else? Such a track would need a count-in to fix the starting place.

I do occasional home recording (learning tracks for multi-part vocal music) and since I have Audacity for editing it's also what I use to make click tracks--I haven't noticed any obvious way to vary the speed within a click track, but I'm only a basic user. Sometimes it would be useful to include interpretation in these learning recordings, and still use a click track. Control of tempo changes (in a performance version of the song) is often passed from one voice to another throughout each song, so usually there isn't one voice I can use effectively as a click track.