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Posted By: GUEST,Paul M
31-Aug-10 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: Meaning of 'Weep for Jamie'?
Subject: RE: Meaning of 'Weep for Jamie'?
I'll sing you one of a song without an end,
I'll sing you two of a tree that cannot bend,
I'll sing you three of a wound that never filled,
And the fourth deepest wound and the love that it killed.

song without end,
for me this is the cycle of life, (you know the old story, boy meets girl, have children, live happily ever after, both fulfilling primevel urges that have driven the species for 100,000 generations)

tree that cannot bend.
Is the inflexibilty of the cycle. Individuals have no control of their natural urges and desires, any more than a a salmon swimming up stream

Is it wound or womb??
If it's womb then perhaps

then 3 is self explanitory.

The fourth deepest wound could be the inate/primevel need for a women to have and love children, she never had children thereby her potential for love was never realised. She goes through life longing to have children.

I have never seen the lyrics b4 today, consequently my opinion may be well of the mark.
The fortunate thing is that the lyrics are so vague, they can mean whatever one wants them to.
paul M